Tips To Clean And Care Kitchen Cabinets

Like every other thing in your home, kitchen cabinets also need proper attention. They should be properly cleaned and cared for otherwise, they lose their shine over time. Once they fade, they affect the appeal of your kitchen which eventually make your kitchen a dull place. Now the question is, how can you care and clean your kitchen cabinets? This blog will tell you just that.

Let us start with kitchen cabinets cleaning:
How to clean your kitchen cabinets?

1. You should clean your kitchen cabinets with a soft cotton cloth piece and boiled water. First boil water and then wet the cloth piece in that boiled water. Now, wipe down the cabinets with the wet cloth.

2. If you notice your kitchen cabinets are extremely dirty, you can use a mild dishwashing liquid for the task. Take some drops of liquid in a container and add warm water to it. Then place the soft cotton cloth piece in the container. However, before cleaning be sure to squeeze the cloth properly.

3. Once you are done with the cleaning, wipe the cabinet with a dry cotton cloth piece. Don’t let the cabinet dry per se, towel dry the cabinets immediately.

4. You should avoid harsh detergents and soaps, abrasive cleaning products, scouring powder and pads, and steel wool.

5. You should avoid solvent-based products like nail-polish removers, paint thinners, and mineral spirits.

6. You should avoid such cleaning products that have ammonia, bleaching element, or silicone as an ingredient.

How to care your kitchen cabinets?

1. Wipe the cabinets immediately after a liquid falls on it. Otherwise, that may leave a stubborn stain.

2. Never keep a damp cloth, or anything that can hold moisture because moisture affects your kitchen cabinets.

3. Avoid keeping any hot utensil or object on the kitchen cabinets.

These ideas will help care and clean your kitchen cabinets properly and avoid them suffering them wear, tear and fading.